Monday, November 16, 2009

Song Blogging

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this but doing a blog in preparation for the celebration of my 25th priestly jubilee I thought would lead me to something... say, something helpful? (".).

I have asked two choirs - my parish choir (St. Genevieve Choir) and the Filipino Community choir of New Orleans (Silayan Choir) - to help me on this area: liturgical singing. I'm glad they obliged. I'm really thankful for their generosity in sharing their time and talents, and for their gift of ministry.

I do have transcripts of the songs I've chosen for use in the liturgical celebration of my 25th anniversary, from among the many works I've written over the years (since 1978), but the selection I made was based nothing more than on the availability of these transcripts right now as well as the availability of some home recordings I did during the early 90s.

I hope blogging these songs will give both choirs, or anyone else, a unique opportunity to listen to the songs way ahead of time - to practice or to simply familiarize with the selected music. Wow, this internet, eh?!!

Anyway, to get y'all started and going, you may click the song titles you see on the right-hand column of this page. Except for a few lost audiophiles, each page includes both the the lyric and the music of that particular selection.

Thank you for the visit and hope we'll get them right when the day comes!

God bless, and praising God always!

So uninspired right now hehehe...

(J. Roel Lungay)
Performed by Lorraine Hess
From the album, WE SHALL BE HEALED


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