Monday, November 16, 2009

Alleluia: This Is The Day

(Michael Dubina - J. Roel Lungay)

This is the day the Lord has made
To bless the earth with sun and shade
And grace the life of you and me
With joys of holy ecstacy.

So let us join in His embrace
And prove deserving of His grace;
By sharing Christian gifts of heart
That are the blessings He imparts.

Let this be day of joy and love
That honors Him and God above;
And bears no trace of human greed
That steals from me so you succeed.

Let's live it as it's meant to be
With heaven's gifts to you and me
And live and love in Christian ways
That praise the Lord and praise this day.

Text Copyright © 1996 New Hope Books. All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

Music Copyright © 1996 Fro's Music. International Copyright Secured
All Rights Reserved

St. Ann Church & National Shrine
Metairie, Louisiana


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